All Pumps Machinery Company Limited.

Industrial Pump Applications

All Pumps Machinery is an experienced manufacturer of industrial centrifugal pumps for your applications. Our application of centrifugal pump in industry are suitable for different situation, including wastewater treatment, municipal, mining, chemical processing, paper pulp, power plants, irrigation, petroleum industry etc. Bulk buy industrial pumps from All Pump Machinery company.


Water And Waste Water Treatment

All Pumps Machinery specializes in industrial municipal wastewater and sludge handling pump manufacturing for general industry and sewage pumping applications.
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Centrifugal Pump In Wastewater Treatment

Oil & Gas

Suited for handling viscous liquids such as fuel and lubricating oils, oil depot, oil tanker, tankship, dock, airport separately delivery for gasoline, kerosene etc.
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Oil & Gas Centrifugal Pump

Mining & Steel

We provide mining and steel companies with complete fluid handling solutions for mining and mineral processing.
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Industrial Pumps Used in Mining & Steel Industry

Pulp & Paper

Wide range of applications in the pulp and paper, mining, offshore, power, food, and chemical industry.
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Pumps Used in Pulp & Paper Industry

Paint and Petro-chemical Processing

Paint and chemical industries where safety and consistency in fluid transfer are the primary concerns.
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Centrifugal Pump Chemical Engineering