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Horizontal Centrifugal Pulp Pumps

Horizontal SGZ type high-efficiency non-clogging and non-leakage centrifugal pulp pump is a new generation of pulp pump products developed by digesting and absorbing foreign advanced good suction horizontal centrifugal pumps and combining the requirements of domestic pulp enterprises for supply horizontal centrifugal pump. And operation, transportation is widely used in papermaking, pulp and paper pulping enterprises. For bulk horizontal centrifugal pump price list, inquiry now!

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Features of Horizontal Centrifugal Pulp Pumps

1. The horizontal centrifugal pump is a rear door structure, and there is no need to disassemble the pipeline for maintenance;

2. The design pressure of the inlet and outlet flanges of the horizontal centrifugal pump is 1.6MPa;

3. Impeller blades (or six blades), open impeller, high efficiency, no need for axial thrust compensation, easy maintenance, and low probability of blockage;

4. The pump shaft adopts lubricating oil, which is seriously worn. It adopts imported cylindrical roller bearing and thrust ball bearing (radial angular contact ball bearing) combined bearing. Cylindrical roller bearings are mounted on the pump end and radial thrust ball bearings are mounted on the rotating surface facing the end;

5. The main pump shaft sealing ring has six combinations of single-end seal, packing seal, single-end seal, mechanical seal series, double-end mechanical seal, pump seal, single-end seal and dynamic seal. Users can choose the actual situation and requirements according to their needs;

6. The impeller adopts lost wax casting and dynamic balance check;

7. The materials are cast iron, cast steel, ordinary stainless steel and duplex stainless steel.

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Horizontal Centrifugal Pump Specifications

Pump Connection Size

2.5"- 20" (65mm - 500mm)

Max. Pump Flowrate

3300m3/h (14531 GPM or 916L/S)

Max. Pump Head

100m (328 feet)

Motor Power Range

0.55kw to 110kw

Speed Range

750rpm to 2960rpm

Impeller Type

Opening three blades and Semi Open three blades

Shaft Sealing

Gland Packing, Mechanical Seal

Max. Working Pressure


Max. Working Temperature

240°F / 120°C

Allowed Pumping Medium


Materials of Construction

cast iron, cast steel, SS304/316, duplex, etc.

Horizontal Centrifugal Pump Diagram

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