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Diaphragm Pumps for Sale

Diaphragm Pumps for Sale

All Pumps Machinery supply QBY3 air operated double diaphragm pump and DBY electric diaphragm trash pump, there are several types materials can select for different working media.

The difference with pneumatic diaphragm pump lies in the central part of the pump because it uses electric drive rather than compressed air. The central portion of the chemical diaphragm pump is filled with pressurized air, which is mechanically moved to the left or right by the motor (or explosion-proof), so that the diaphragm can be pushed and pulled from left side to right side.

Types of Diaphragm Pumps for Sale

Advantages of Chemical Resistant Diaphragm Pump


No need to pump water backwards, the suction stroke is 3m, the water outlet is 70m, and the outlet pressure is 6bar.


Wide flow and good performance. The maximum particle size allowed to pass is up to 10mm. Minimal damage to the chemical resistant diaphragm vacuum pump when draining mud and impurities.


Open the pneumatic valve and steplessly adjust the delivery head and flow (the pneumatic pressure can be adjusted between 1-7bar).


The chemical resistant diaphragm pump has no rotating parts and no bearing seals.


No electricity. Safe and reliable when used in flammable and explosive places.


Can be soaked in medium.


Easy to use, reliable work.


Simple structure, installation, maintenance and few wearing parts.


Permeable glue (viscosity below 10000 centipoise).


The chemical resistant diaphragm pump does not need lubricating oil. Even idling has no effect on the pump. This is a feature of this pump.

Application of Membranes in A Diaphragm Water Pump

Application of Membranes in A Diaphragm Water Pump

1. Various toxins and flammable or volatile liquids;

2. Strong acid, strong alkali, corrosive liquid;

3. Conveying high temperature medium 150℃;

4. As a front pressure feeding device for various filter presses;

5. Hot water recovery cycle;

6. Tankers, oil depots, oil handling;

7. Suck pickles, jam, chocolate, mashed potatoes;

8. Absorb paint, plastic, pigment adhesive, etc.;

9. Porcelain, cement grouting, grout;

10. Latex, organic solvent, filler;

11. Suction residual oil for cruising;

12. Hops and yeast syrup: syrup, honey;

13. For mines, corridors, tunnel, sewer.

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