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IHK Series Open Impeller Horizontal End Suction Chemical Pump

All Pumps Machinery provided IHK series open impeller horizontal end suction chemical pump with external flushing seal structure and open impeller enable the centrifugal chemical pump to deliver materials with solid content up to 35%; Under normal circumstances, the medium will not block, and the solid content is high. The horizontal centrifugal oil pump/chemical pumps are ideal transportation and advanced equipment in the chemical industry.

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Features of IHK Series Open Impeller Horizontal End Suction Chemical Pump

1. With back pull out and open impeller structural;

2. Transport 35% of impurities and water particles;

3. External flushing mechanical seal design keep seal at long lifespan;

4. Simple operation and convenient maintenance;

5. Heavy duty structure for conveying large solids and high viscosity media.

Horizontal Chemical Pipeline Centrifugal Pump Specification of IHK Series

Pump Connection Size

1"- 20" (25mm - 500mm)

Max. Pump Flowrate

3000m3/h (13210 GPM or 833L/S)

Max. Pump Head

125m (410 feet)

Motor Power Range

0.55kw to 630kw

Speed Range

550rpm to 2900rpm

Impeller Type

Open and Semi Open

Shaft Sealing

External Flushing Mechanical Seal

Max. Working Pressure


Materials of Construction

cast steel, SS304/316, Hastelloy, titanium, duplex, etc.

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