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100RV Semi-submersed Vertical Hole-in-the Ground Slurry Handling Pump

100RV-SP vertical mud pump is designed to handle abrasive and corrosive liquids and mud while submerged in oil grooves or pits. Compared with the traditional vertical process pump, it is suitable for pump applications requiring higher reliability and durability. It is mainly used to pump slurry with high abrasion, strong corrosion and high concentration liquid containing suspended solid particles.

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Features of 100RV Semi-submersed Vertical Hole-in-the Ground Slurry Handling Pump

1. Full cantilever type - it eliminates the submerged bearing, packing, lip seal and mechanical seal usually required by other vertical slurry pumps;

2. Impeller - unique double suction impeller; Fluid flows into the top and bottom. This design eliminates the shaft seal and reduces the thrust load on the bearing;

3. Large particles - large particle impellers are also available, which can pass through abnormally large solids;

4. Bearing assembly - easy to maintain bearing assembly with heavy roller bearing, solid housing and thick shaft;

5. Housing - the metal pump has a thick wall wear-resistant cr27mo chromium alloy housing. The rubber pump has a molded rubber housing attached to a solid metal structure;

6. Column and discharge pipe - the column and discharge pipe of metal pump are made of steel, and the rubber column and discharge pipe are covered with rubber;

7. Upper filter - elastomer filter is clamped and installed in the column opening to prevent oversized particles and unwanted garbage from entering the pump housing;

8. Lower filter - the bolted cast filter on the metal pump and the molded snap on elastomer filter on the rubber pump can protect the pump from the influence of too large particles.

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Specification of 100RV Semi-submersed Vertical Hole-in-the Ground Slurry Handling Pump

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Dimension of 100RV Semi-submersed Vertical Hole-in-the Ground Slurry Handling Pump

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