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12inch x 10inch Heavy Duty Mine Dewatering Slurry Pump

Hydraulic optimization design, high efficiency, stability, energy saving, heavy-duty high chromium alloy material is the best choice for dealing with gravel, high plastic clay blocks, etc.

horizontal centrifugal slurry pump
horizontal centrifugal slurry pump
heavy duty sludge pump
horizontal slurry pump

Features of 12'' x10'' Heavy Duty Mine Dewatering Slurry Pump

1. The ZH slurry pump is equipped with only one impeller, which is a horizontal cantilever unit, and the slurry enters the pump room from only one suction side;

2. Another main feature of the horizontal pump is the double shell design. Parts in contact with the slurry are replaceable and made of high chromium to maximize wear and tear resistance. Rubber and polyurethane are used to make lining plates and impellers to ensure excellent applicability, service life and durability under all conditions;

3. This series of heavy-duty slurry pumps provide a variety of impeller options to meet a wide range of working conditions and customer specific requirements;

4. The shaft is sealed by packing. Impeller dynamic seal and other mechanical seal arrangements are also optional;

5. Multiple pumps can be used in series;

6. There are 8 positions with 45 degree intervals at the outlet for selection to meet the installation and application requirements.

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Specification of 12'' x10'' Heavy Duty Mine Dewatering Slurry Pump

POWER (KW)(m3/h)H(m)n(r/min)η%(m)
ZH- 6×4E120
ZH- 8×6E120360~82810~61500~1140722~9
ZH- 14×12ST5601260~277213~63300~600773~10
ZH- 16×14ST5601368~306011~63250~550794~10
ZH- 16×14TU1200
ZH- 18×16ST5602160~50408~66200~500804.5~9
ZH- 18×16TU1200
ZH- 20×18TU12002520~540013~57200~400855~10

Slurry Pump Structural Details


Slurry pumps Curve Chart


Dimension of 12'' x10'' Heavy Duty Mine Dewatering Slurry Pump

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