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Back Pull Out Vertical End Suction Centrifugal Pump

Aix Series end suction pump is one of the simplest types of centrifugal pump, with motor slide and reliable back pull design, which is convenient for overhaul and maintenance. This is a precision manufactured vertical end suction pump suitable for electric / diesel drive. Vertical end suction pump has become the most common centrifugal pump arrangement, and its horizontal shaft, cantilever impeller and bearing arrangement save space for your application.

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Features of Back Pull Out Vertical End Suction Pump

1. Vertical end suction pumps are widely used in the internal environmental control of office and commercial buildings, like the china end suction water pump;

2. With back pull design, the pump can be easily repaired without disconnecting the pipeline;

3. The vertical end suction pumps has a variety of configurations, including flexible coupling, close coupled coupling, horizontal or vertical installation pump,such as vertical end suction centrifugal pump;

4. The service life of precision casting, dynamic balance and closed impeller is longer than other competitors;

5. The rear support foot provides support and simplifies coupling alignment;

6. The pump casing through static pressure test ensures the integrity of castings and seals.

Specification of Back Pull Out End Suction Water Pump

Pump Connection Size

1.25"- 14" (32mm - 350mm)

Max. Pump Flowrate

1660m3/h (7309 GPM or 461L/S)

Max. Pump Head

150m (492 feet)

Speed Range

1450rpm to 2900rpm when 50HZ

1750rpm to 3500rpm when 60HZ

Temperature Range

-22°F / 10°C to 231°F / 105°C

Max. Working Pressure


Shaft Sealing

Mechanical Seal, Gland Packing

Materials of Construction

Cast Iron, Cast Steel, Ductile Iron, Stainless Steel 304/316, Bronze, CD4Mcu

Dimension of Back Pull Out End Suction Water Pump

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