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2inch x 1.5inch Polyurethane Erosion Resistant Material Lined Slurry Pump

ZHR2x1.5B abrasive slurry pump is a horizontal, single-stage, single suction, double shell, cantilever, horizontal, centrifugal slurry pump. It is specially designed for the transportation of strong abrasive slurry in mining, metallurgy, electric power, chemical industry, papermaking and building materials industries, especially suitable for low flow, high concentration and high lift conditions. 40-80% for high-density and strong abrasive slurry, 40-100% for medium density and medium abrasive slurry, and 40-120% for low-density and low abrasive slurry.

heavy duty slurry pump
heavy duty sludge pump
horizontal centrifugal slurry pump
horizontal slurry pump

Features of 2''X1.5'' Polyurethane Erosion Resistant Material Lined Slurry Pump

1. Frame plate and cover plate: the shell adopts gray cast iron or nodular cast iron according to the working pressure, split structure, and the suction port is connected to ensure safety and easy to replace wet parts;

2. Corrosion resistant rubber wetted parts can be interchanged with metal and polyurethane wetted parts;

3. The bearing assembly adopts a cylindrical structure, and the distance between the impeller and the front cylinder liner is easy to adjust;

4. The bearing is lubricated with grease;

5. The discharge branch can be located at any eight positions at 45 degree intervals;

6. It can be installed in series at multiple levels to meet long-distance transmission;

7. Various drive modes: DC drive (direct connection), V-belt and pulley drive, gearbox, hydraulic coupling, VFD, silicon-controlled rectifier control, etc.

8. The shaft seal adopts mechanical seal, expeller seal and gland packing seal;

9. High efficiency, long service life and convenient maintenance.

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Specification of 2''X1.5'' Polyurethane Erosion Resistant Material Lined Slurry Pump


Slurry Pump Structural Details


Slurry pumps Curve Chart


Dimension of 2''X1.5'' Polyurethane Erosion Resistant Material Lined Slurry Pump

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