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8inch x 6inch Power Plant Ash Removal Slurry Pump

Rotating components adopt standard bracket support structure, suitable for transporting abrasive or corrosive slurry. It is widely used in metallurgy, mining, petroleum, chemical industry, coal, electric power, transportation, river dredging, building materials and municipal engineering.

horizontal centrifugal slurry pump
heavy duty sludge pump
horizontal slurry pump
horizontal centrifugal slurry pump

Features of 8''x6'' Power Plant Ash Removal Slurry Pump

1. High lift, high pressure centrifugal end slurry suction pump design;

2. Ductile iron fully lined shell provides durability, strength and long service life;

3. Super wear-resistant material, long service life;

4. Allow multi-stage high-voltage operation;

5. The heavy-duty structure with through bolt design is easy to maintain and reduces downtime;

6. The impeller with large diameter, slow rotation and high efficiency leads to the maximum wear life and lower operation cost;

7. Large open internal channels maximize wear life and reduce operating costs;

8. Full flushing gland, low flow and dry running centrifugal seal can reduce the use of flushing water, so as to minimize the operation cost of the pump.

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Specification of 8''x6'' Power Plant Ash Removal Slurry Pump

POWER (KW)(m3/h)H(m)n(r/min)η%(m)
ZH- 8×6E120360~82810~61500~1140722~9

Slurry Pump Structural Details


Slurry pumps Curve Chart


Dimension of 8''x6'' Power Plant Ash Removal Slurry Pump

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