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Gravel Dredge Pump

As one of the top dredge pump manufacturers in China, The All Pumps Machinery ZG Heavy Duty Grinder Suction Sand Gravel Pumps is a horizontal single-shell gravel pump, centrifugal dredge pump can transport large-sized sand, mud or gravel with wide channel, Wetted parts are made of nickel hard and high chromium alloy resistive material to ensure long life and has the lowest maintenance cost. Sand and gravel dredge pumps also have superior performance than ordinary pumps Dredging, sand mining, barge loading and beneficiation, etc.

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Features of Centrifugal Dredge Pump

1. The wide impeller path formed by the connection of the single casing and the clamp;

2. Unique design, easy maintenance and replacement of wetted parts;

3. The advantage of digging depth, the effect of digging deep within 30 meters is good.

4. A variety of speeds and modifications are used to make the centrifugal dredge slurry pump run at its best. Long service life, high efficiency, and can meet a variety of harsh transportation conditions.

5. The discharge direction of the centrifugal dredge slurry pump can be oriented in any direction of 360°.

6. Transmission modes mainly include V-belt transmission, elastic coupling transmission, gear reducer transmission, hydraulic coupling transmission, frequency conversion transmission, etc.

When it comes to innovative China industrial slurry pumps solutions with unique features, All Pumps Machinery is the top choice.

Sand and Gravel Dredge Pumps Specification

MODELMAX.Capacity (m3/h)HEADSPEEDMAX.Eff%NPSH (m)Max size passage  (mm)
POWER (KW)(m)(r/min)

Dimension of Dredge Slurry Pumps

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