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Super ST-8 (8inch x 8inch) Self-priming Non-clogging Centrifugal Sewage Pump

All Pumps Machinery Supply Super ST-8(8" x 8") Self-priming Non-clogging Centrifugal Sewage Pump.

The Trash Prime Centrifugal Pump is manufactured with state-of-the-art self priming electric trash pump technology. The design allows easy and quick access to the internal components for cleaning and inspection. All the main pumps and components provided by the industrial pumps manufacturers can be fully interchangeable with the industry leaders. All major works are the application experience of more than two generations of professionals specializing in the pump industry. The result of this experience is a unique product that is unparalleled in characteristics and can be applied to a wide variety of pumping applications. 

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Features of Super ST-8 (8''x 8'') Self-priming Non-clogging Centrifugal Sewage Pump

The main features of the Super ST-8 series are high solid capacity, different range between 2 inches and 12 inches, different building materials, solid treatment capacity, different speed under different conditions, easy and fast maintenance and operation as one kind of solids handling centrifugal pump.

Specification of Super ST-8 (8''x 8'') Self-priming Non-clogging Centrifugal Sewage Pump

Pump Connection Size

8" x 8" (200mm x 200mm)

Max. Pump Flowrate

600m3/h (2642GPM or 166.667L/S)

Max. Pump Head

34m (111.5485 feet)

Speed Range

650rpm to 1350rpm

Bare Pump N.W

750kg(1655.6291 lbs)

Impeller Type

Semi Open

Impeller Diameter


Max. Temperature

176°F / 80°C

Max. Solids-handling

Capabilities up to 76.2mm(3")

Materials of Construction

Cast Iron, Cast Steel, Ductile Iron, Stainless Steel 304/316, CD4MCu

Structure of ST SU Self Priming Pump


ST Series Curves

SU Series Curves

Dimension of Super ST-8 (8''x 8'') Self-priming Non-clogging Centrifugal Sewage Pump

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