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6inch x 4inch Mill Discharged Tailing Delivery Slurry Pump

Double pump casing structure, pump body and pump cover have gray cast iron or ductile iron according to the working pressure, open vertically and connected with bolts, replaceable wear-resistant metal linings (including impellers, sheaths, guard plates, etc.). 

horizontal centrifugal slurry pump
horizontal centrifugal slurry pump
heavy duty sludge pump
horizontal slurry pump

Features of 6''x4'' Mill Discharged Tailing Delivery Slurry Pump

1. Horizontal, cantilever, centrifugal and single-stage slurry pump design.

2. Bearing assembly - large diameter shaft with short overhang can minimize deflection and help extend bearing life. Only four through bolts are needed to fix the box housing in the frame.

3. Shell - cast iron or ductile iron half shell with external reinforcing ribs provides high working pressure capacity and additional safety measures.

4. Impeller - front and rear shields have pump out blades, which can reduce recirculation and seal pollution. Hard metal and molded elastomer impellers are completely interchangeable.

5. Lining - the lining that is easy to replace is fixed on the shell with bolts, rather than glue, for reliable connection and maintenance. The hard metal lining is completely interchangeable with the die elastomer

6. Throatbush - reduce wear and simplify maintenance by using conical mating surfaces to achieve accurate alignment during assembly and simple disassembly.

7. Shaft seal - packing seal, centrifugal seal, mechanical seal;

8. Driving mode - elastic coupling, pulley V-belt, gearbox, VFD, thyristor control, etc.

9. The discharge branch can be located at any 8 positions at 45-degree intervals;

10. It is convenient to install and maintain on site.

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Specification of 6''x4'' Mill Discharged Tailing Delivery Slurry Pump

POWER (KW)(m3/h)H(m)n(r/min)η%(m)
ZH- 6×4E120

Slurry Pump Structural Details


Slurry pumps Curve Chart


Dimension of 6''x4'' Mill Discharged Tailing Delivery Slurry Pump

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