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ST-6 (6inch x 6inch) Wet Prime Self-primer Pumps

All Pumps Machinery Supply ST-6 (6"x 6") Wet Prime Self-primer Pumps.

Non Clog Self Priming Sewage Pumps are the world's leading choice for waste disposal applications such as steel and paper mills and mills, mining plants, food processing plants, power plants, automobile plants, tanneries and wineries. They are also the preferred pump for many sewage treatment applications around the world.

All of the wet prime pumps are manufactured using state-of-the-art technology, and are fully interchangeable with several other popular brands of solid-treated self-suction pumps. Their self priming trash pump design allows for easy and quick access to internal parts to clean and hand handle.

horizontal self priming pump
automatic self priming water pump
centrifugal pump with self priming
centrifugal regenerative self priming pump

Wet Priming Trash Pumps Has Below Special Design

  • Solid open impeller, solid treated with a height of up to 3 inches;

  • Modifications of both speed and impeller decoration can be used to meet the use conditions;

  • The impeller is designed to keep the seal pressure low and reduce the solid accumulation in the packing tank;

  • The suction check valve accelerates the self-starting and eliminates the foot valve;

All premium trash centrifugal flow self-priming pumps are the result of over two generations of professionals worldwide, specializing in pump manufacturing. The result of this generation combination is a product that can be used in various pumping applications.

Specification of ST-6 (6'' x 6'') Wet Prime Self-primer Pumps

Pump Connection Size

6" x 6" (150mm x 150mm)

Max. Pump Flowrate

330m3/h (1453GPM or 91.667L/S)

Max. Pump Head

33m (108.2677 feet)

Speed Range

650rpm to 1550rpm

Bare Pump N.W

420kg(927.15 lbs)

Impeller Type

Semi Open

Impeller Diameter


Max. Temperature

176°F / 80°C

Max. Solids-handling

Capabilities up to 76.2mm(3")

Materials of Construction

Cast Iron, Cast Steel, Ductile Iron, Stainless Steel 304/316, CD4MCu

Structure of ST SU Self Priming Pump


ST Series Curves

SU Series Curves

Dimension of ST-6 (6'' x 6'') Wet Prime Self-primer Pumps

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