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Pumps Used in Pulp & Paper Industry

All Pumps Machine provides non clogging slurry pump has no leakage, with advantages of significant efficiency, leakage prevention, convenient installation etc. it has the performance of repairing blockage, operation and transportation, and is widely used in papermaking, pulping and pulp medium-sized enterprises.

Advantages of Industrial Pumps Used in Pulp & Paper Industry

All pump machines are supplied with single-stage centrifugal pulp pumps, which are characterized by durability, easy maintenance and cost-effectiveness. They can provide closed and semi open or open impellers of highly wear-resistant design. Various material combinations ensure a long product life cycle and excellent efficiency. It is used as a process pump in many different areas of pulp and paper mills.

Function of Industrial Pumps Used in Pulp & Paper Industry

Our paper and pulp pumps can handle these corrosive chemicals and can pump Abrasives without damaging or wearing the pump. The traditional diaphragm metering pump is usually pumped with short pulse, which will damage the pipeline system of the factory over time.

Common paper production applications include wood chipping / peeling, deinking, chemicals, slurry preparation, wet end chemical preparation, starch preparation, paint color kitchen, wastewater and sludge dewatering.

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