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Industrial Pumps Used in Mining & Steel Industry

Pumps in the mining and steel industries have many common demanding applications in fluid treatment.

Mines and steel mills require heavy-duty, engineered and reliable pump supplies to provide mud, dewatering, chemicals and services in their critical processes of preparing ores and minerals. Pumps are usually unsung heroes in the eyes of the public, but they are the heartbeat of these processes.

Advantages of Underground Mining Pump

With wear-resistant cemented carbide or rubber lining, the pump has better wear resistance, corrosion resistance and higher reliability. With reasonable structure, reliable operation and long service life, it is especially suitable for medium and high concentration strong abrasive slurry. The maximum allowable working pressure of the mining slurry pump is 3.6mpa, three shaft seal type (impeller, machinery, packing seal).

Function of Slurry Pump for Mining

Transport strong wear and high concentration solid particles in power, coal, metallurgy, building materials and other industries, such as hydraulic ash removal in thermal power plants, slurry transportation in metallurgical concentrators, coal slurry and heavy medium transportation in coal washing plants, etc. The maximum slurry weight concentration CW of the allowed solid-liquid mixture is: ash (slag) slurry and coal slurry 45%; Pulp and heavy medium 60%.

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