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Industrial Slurry Pumps For Sale

Industrial Slurry Pumps For Sale

All Pumps Machinery is your leading source for industrial slurry pumps for sale. Our high-quality slurry pumps are designed to handle abrasive and corrosive materials with ease, making them ideal for a range of applications. It is widely used in mining, metallurgy, coal washing, power plant, sewage water treatment, dredging, chemical and petroleum industries. We offer a variety of models, including mini slurry pumps and engine-driven slurry pumps for sale, as well as industrial sludge pumps for sale. As a trusted slurry pump company, we are committed to providing customers with reliable and efficient solutions for their pumping needs. 

Types of Industrial Slurry Pumps For Sale

Advantages of Slurry Transfer Pumps


Modular design, easy maintenance, high standardization, low backup cost.


The standard closed 5-blade and open 3-blade non-clogging impellers have a wide selection range.


27% chrome alloy cemented carbide, thick rubber and polyurethane pump lining all available and can be replaced with each other.


Famous brand bearing parts, improve reliability, prolong bearing life and reduce lubrication costs.


Reliable shaft sealing, such as gland packing seal, expeller seal or mechanical seal are optional.


Discharge branches can be positioned at 45-degree intervals upon request and oriented to any of eight positions to suit installation and application.

How Long Do Slurry Transfer Pumps Last?

How Long Do Slurry Transfer Pumps Last?

Reasonable selection of industrial slurry pumps is the key factor to ensure the industrial slurry pumps service life. Reasonable industrial sludge pump model can ensure the pump stability operation, and some formulas are generally used in the selection to calculate parameters such as head. For example, for light abrasive slurry, a light abrasive slurry pump should be used, and for heavy abrasive slurry, a heavy abrasive slurry pump should be used. If the selection is unreasonable, it will cause damage to the slurry pump, thereby shortening the service life.

What is the industrial sludge pump life span? No one can answer this question. When Improper use, improper selection, and unreasonable design may require replacement within a week. If the working conditions are poor, the industrial slurry pumpsmay have problems after being used for a month. Therefore, if you want the industrial sludge pump to have a longer service life, it is necessary to choose a slurry pump reasonably, use it reasonably, carry out regular maintenance, and solve problems in time.

All Pumps Machinery supplies china horizontal slurry pump and rubber liner slurry pump, sand dredge pump, china vertical slurry pumpFor more types of industrial pumps, please inquiry All Pump Machinery industrial pumps for sale.

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