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Self priming Pumps for Sale

Self priming Pumps for Sale

All Pumps Machinery's self priming trash pump has special designed for economical, trouble-free operation, the superior handling solids capabilities make them ideally suited for a variety of applications including solids-laden corrosive liquids and slurries. There are few moving parts, so maintenance is minimal. For more types of industrial pumps, please inquiry All Pump Machinery industrial pumps for sale.

Types of Self Priming Centrifugal Water Pump

Benefits of Self Priming Centrifugal Water Pump


Replaceable wear plates, heavy duty suction baffles, semi-open waste disposal impellers, pressure relief valves, O-ring seals.


Back-pull design, no need to disconnect pipes for cleaning and maintenance.


Removable inspection cover allows cleaning, impeller, seal and baffle without disturbing the pipeline.


Quick and easy maintenance via inspection cabin.


External shimless impeller/wear plate clearance adjustment.


Cast iron, ductile iron, carbon steel, stainless steel or duplex structure (other materials available upon request).


Durable, long-lasting mechanical seal with tungsten carbide face.


Provide inner and outer protective coating.

How Does Self Priming Water Pump Work?

How Does Self Priming Water Pump Work?

We mainly manufacturer two types of self priming pumps, self priming trash pump and engine driven slurry pump. Before work, the pump body and the inlet pipe must be filled with water to form a vacuum state, when the impeller rapid fast, the blade makes water rotation, rotating water under the action of the centrifugal force from the impeller, the pump water is thrown, vacuum area, the center of the water in the atmospheric pressure (or water pressure) through the pipe network pressure into the inlet pipe, so circulation, realize continuous pumping. 

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