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10inch x 8inch E-ZMR Corrosion Resistant Rubber Slurry Pump

Rubber elastomer liner can be interchanged with hard metal. The elastomer lining is bolted to the housing rather than bonded to the housing. The elastomer sealing ring makes all lining joints backrest. 

heavy duty slurry pump
heavy duty sludge pump
horizontal centrifugal slurry pump
horizontal slurry pump

Features of 10''x8'' E-ZMR Corrosion Resistant Rubber Slurry Pump

1. Large diameter and short overhang ensure the rigidity of the shaft, which is suitable for high power;

2. Hardened stainless steel shaft sleeves with "O" ring seals at both ends. The sliding fit allows the sleeve to protect the shaft from wear and corrosion;

3. The auxiliary blades of the front and rear covers of the impeller can release the sealing pressure and reduce recirculation;

4. The shell is made of nodular cast iron; Ribs help the casing withstand high pressure;

5. Wet parts are made of high chromium alloy or rubber, which are wear-resistant, corrosion-resistant, corrosion-resistant or impact resistant, and the parts or metal or rubber made are interchangeable;

6. The shaft seal can adopt packing seal, impeller seal and mechanical seal to adapt to different working conditions;

7. The discharge branch can be positioned at 45 degree intervals as required and can be positioned at any 8 positions to adapt to installation and application.

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Specification of 10''x8'' E-ZMR Corrosion Resistant Rubber Slurry Pump


Slurry Pump Structural Details


Slurry pumps Curve Chart


Dimension of 10''x8'' E-ZMR Corrosion Resistant Rubber Slurry Pump

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