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Gear Pumps For Oil Transfer

KCB Series Gear Oil Pump is a horizontal rotary pump, which consists of pump body, gear, bearing seat, safety valve, bearing and sealing device. The gear pump body and bearing seat are made of cast iron. Gears can be made of bronze or stainless steel according to customer requirements of centrifugal oil pump.

Gear pump for oil transfer is suitable for conveying various lubricating fluids whose temperature is not higher than 70℃. If the temperature reaches 200℃, it will be matched with high temperature resistant materials. Its viscosity is 5*10-5~15*10-3m2/s.

Gear pump for oil transfer is not suitable for conveying corrosive or hard particles or fibers, high volatility or low flash point liquids such as gasoline, benzene. (The pump adopts copper gear to transport gasoline, and the stainless-steel pump can transport ordinary corrosive liquid).

air operated gear oil pump
boat gear oil pump
electric gear oil transfer pump
differential gear oil pump

Gear Pump For Oil Transfer Features

1. The structure is single and compact, and the operation and maintenance are convenient;

2. Has good self-priming performance;

3. The lubricant of the pump can automatically transport the liquid;

4. Flexible coupling drive, small installation tolerance.

Specification of Gear Oil Transfer Pumps

Pump Connection Size

3/4"- 6" (20mm - 150mm)

Max. Pump Flowrate

2550L/M (673GPM or 42.5L/S)

Max. Working Pressure


Speed Range

750rpm to 1450rpm when 50HZ

Temperature Range

440°F /200°C

Materials of Construction

Cast Iron, Cast Steel, Stainless Steel 304/316, Brass

Dimension of Gear Oil Pumps

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