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API610 Chemical Pumps

All Pumps Machinery Supplied the LGTH series API610 chemical process pump is a single-stage single suction (axial suction) cantilever centrifugal pump for conveying solid particles with liquid, corrosive, viscosity similar to water. It is designed to meet the international standards IS05199 and IS02858 standards, design standard AIP610 standard tenth edition. LGTH (API-OH1)  supply non-leakage chemical centrifugal pump, one of the centrifugal chemical pumps, delivery medium temperature of -20 °C ~120 °C. The additional measurements in mechanical seal and cooling measurement can ensure transportation of higher temperature of medium. It is widely used at the industries to transport kinds of corrosive medium and the medium similar with water which must be immune to pollution such as petroleum, chemistry, metallurgy, synthetic fiber, pharmacy, foodstuff, waste water treatment. All Pumps Machinery can supply non-leakage chemical centrifugal pump for customers.

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Features of API610 Chemical Pumps

1. Foot Supporting Design

2. Overhung End Suction Design;

2. Back Pullout Design;

3. Advanced external flushing mechanical seal;

4. Easy operation and Convenient maintenance;

5. Shaft seal type: According to different application, seal has mechanical seal and packing seal two types. Mechanical seal has single-terminal face and double-terminal face, the seal cavity is filled with pressured water to clean the frictional terminal face and cool. For more centrifugal pumps for sale.

Specification of API610 Chemical Pumps

Pump Connection Size

1"- 12" (25mm - 300mm)

Max. Pump Flowrate

460m3/h (2025 GPM or 127L/S)

Max. Pump Head

132m (433 feet)

Motor Power Range

0.55kw to 110kw

Speed Range

1450rpm to 2900rpm

Impeller Type

Open and Semi Open

Shaft Sealing

External Flushing Mechanical Seal

Materials of Construction

cast steel, SS304/316, Hastelloy, titanium, duplex, etc.

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