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Oil & Gas Centrifugal Pump

When you need oilfield well equipment, reliability and durability are crucial. Turn to All Pumps Machinery or emergency well services and quality products, such as fracturing pumps, water transfer pumps and brine treatment equipment. The application of centrifugal pumps used in oil and gas industry are introduced as followed.

Working Process of Gas Powered Centrifugal Pump

Through artificial lifting method to pump water. The artificial lifting way is completed by introducing bubbles, steam or compressed air into the outlet pipeline.

In this artificial lift technology, compressed air or gas molecules are applying to lift fluid. Compressed air or gas molecules reduce the hydrostatic pressure at the outlet side, and the fluid or water is transported by the pump.

Purpose of Centrifugal Oil Pump

They are also widely used as discharge pumps for oil tankers, tanks, oil depots or oil cargoes and for the transfer of water and seawater. Self-priming centrifugal oil pumps can be used to transport chemical liquids when equipped with corrosion-resistant mechanical seals and stainless-steel materials.

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