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ST-10 (10inch x 10inch) Self-Primer Sewage and Trash Pumps

All Pumps Machinery Supply ST-10(10" x 10") Self-Primer Sewage and self priming sewage pump.

All Pumps Machinery's sewage pumps are easy to install and require little maintenance

If you're looking for a sump pump, look no further than the ST-10 Self-Starting Pump from All Pumps Machinery. 

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Features of ST-10 (10''x 10'') Self-Primer Sewage and Trash Pumps

Our ST-10 self-priming sewage pumps is 100% make pressure testing to ensure the highest quality standards. because we have stock lots of casting, so we can machining and assembly in a very short time.

Specification of ST-10 (10''x 10'') Self-Primer Sewage and Trash Pumps

Pump Connection Size

10" x 10" (250mm x 250mm)

Max. Pump Flowrate

775m3/h (3412.5935GPM or 215.2777L/S)

Max. Pump Head

40m (130 feet)

Speed Range

650rpm to 1450rpm

Bare Pump N.W

800kg(1766 lbs)

Impeller Type

Semi Open

Impeller Diameter


Max. Temperature

176°F / 80°C

Max. Solids-handling

Capabilities up to 76.2mm(3")

Materials of Construction

Cast Iron, Cast Steel, Ductile Iron, Stainless Steel 304/316, CD4MCu

Structure of ST SU Self Priming Pump


ST Series Curves

SU Series Curves

Dimension of ST-10 (10''x 10'') Self-Primer Sewage and Trash Pumps

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