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Centrifugal Pump In Wastewater Treatment

Although the demand for wastewater treatment and natural resources has become more and more limited, the management cost also has become challenging. The use of centrifugal pump in wastewater treatment and all waste water pumps machine's heavy-duty horizontal self-priming pump will be a great choice for performance, durability and cost.

Working Principle of Wastewater Treatment Pump

1. During the start-up cycle, the rotating impeller creates a vacuum at the impeller eye to draw the compressed air from the suction line into the wastewater treatment pump.

2. The air bubbles in the fluid trapped in the impeller blades move upward to the air discharge chamber, where the liquid and the air bubbles are separated.

3. Under the gravity action, the heavy liquid flows back to the waste water pumps reservoir through the recirculation port, and the air is discharged through the open discharge pipe or the exhaust device.

The Purpose of The Industrial Wastewater Pumps Treatment

Because of global climate change and widespread drought, wastewater management has become more important than ever before. Wastewater treatment is an hourly demand in commercial, residential and industrial areas. Here we strongly recommend that our heavy-duty ST series non clogging self-priming trash pump will be a good helper.

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