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16inch x 14inch Aggregate Processing Rough Solids Conveying Slurry Pump

It is specially designed for mining, beneficiation and metallurgical industrial units to deal with liquid chemical mud, mud, lime, fly ash, gravel and mineral products. Applications range from transfer to filter press feeding and blasting.

horizontal centrifugal slurry pump
heavy duty sludge pump
horizontal slurry pump
horizontal centrifugal slurry pump

Features of 16''x14'' Aggregate Processing Rough Solids Conveying Slurry Pump

1. Impeller: high chromium alloy and natural rubber impeller are completely interchangeable. Impellers can be produced from 2 to 8 as needed. It can also provide high efficiency, high lift and OEM design;

2. Liner: high chromium alloy and natural rubber liner are completely interchangeable. The lining that is easy to replace is fixed on the shell with bolts instead of glue, so as to facilitate reliable connection and maintenance;

3. Bearing components: large diameter shaft, short overhang, minimize deflection, and help to prolong bearing life. Only four through bolts are needed to fix the box housing in the frame;

4. Pump casing: cast iron or ductile iron half casing with external stiffeners provides high working pressure capacity and additional safety measures;

5. Sealing form: packing seal, impeller seal and mechanical seal are available;

6. Frame base: a very solid integrated frame supports the barrel bearing and shaft assembly. An external impeller adjustment mechanism is set under the bearing seat to facilitate the adjustment of impeller clearance.

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Specification of 16''x14'' Aggregate Processing Rough Solids Conveying Slurry Pump

POWER (KW)(m3/h)H(m)n(r/min)η%(m)
ZH- 6×4E120
ZH- 8×6E120360~82810~61500~1140722~9
ZH- 14×12ST5601260~277213~63300~600773~10
ZH- 16×14ST5601368~306011~63250~550794~10
ZH- 16×14TU1200
ZH- 18×16ST5602160~50408~66200~500804.5~9
ZH- 18×16TU1200
ZH- 20×18TU12002520~540013~57200~400855~10

Slurry Pump Structural Details


Slurry pumps Curve Chart


Dimension of 16''x14'' Aggregate Processing Rough Solids Conveying Slurry Pump

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