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02, 2023
Why doesn't the industrial slurry pump discharge or discharge smoothly during operation?
Failures with discharging or insufficient material flow are common problems in industries that use slurry pumps. These issues can arise after the initial setup or maintenance of the pump and are often...
02, 2023
Factors that affect the performance of self-priming centrifugal pumps
The self-priming centrifugal pump achieves one-time drainage and lifelong self-priming through the water storage chamber, utilizing the principle of air pressure. The main factors affecting the perfor...
02, 2023
Common troubleshooting solutions for slurry pumps
1.In case the slurry pump fails to start:Verify power supply: Check if the joint connection is secure, switch contact is tight, fuse is not blown, and the three-phase power supply is not missing.Chec...
02, 2023
Basic structure of slurry pump
1.The structure of the pump head of the sludge pumpThe structure of the pump head of a sludge pump refers to the design and arrangement of the parts that make up the head of the pump, which is respons...
01, 2023
Severe Vibration and Shaft Seal Leakage Analysis of Industrial Slurry Pump
Ⅰ. Serious vibration of industrial slurry pumpVibration is an inevitable phenomenon that occurs when the equipment is running. It can be divided into different levels according to the severity of the...
01, 2023
Precautions for Installing Self-priming Pump Inlet Pipe
When installing the water inlet pipe of the self-priming pump, it is necessary to pay attention to the fact that the large-diameter self-priming pump is equipped with a small water pipe to deliver wat...
12, 2022
The Use of Slurry Pump Matters Needing Attention
How to adjust the slurry pumps1、Impeller and front guard gap inspection and adjustment, generally between 0.75-1mm.2、Adjustment of motor steeringThe motor steering should ensure that the pump steeri...
11, 2022
Proper Use and Maintenance of Slurry Pump
The test run of Slurry pumps should meet the following requirements.1, the drive motor steering should be the same as the pump steering;.2, each fixed connection parts should be no loose, each lubrica...
10, 2022
The Selection Steps of Slurry Pump and Problems needing Attention
The reasonable selection of slurry pumps is one of the key factors to improve the service life of the pump. the reasonable selection of slurry pumps includes the reasonable selection of pump type, per...
09, 2022
The Working Principle and Basic Structure of Self-priming Centrifugal Pump
Centrifugal pump with self priming working principleCentrifugal pump is designed according to the principle of centrifugal force. The impeller blades rotating at high speed drive the water to rotate a...