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Basic structure of slurry pump

1.The structure of the pump head of the sludge pump

The structure of the pump head of a sludge pump refers to the design and arrangement of the parts that make up the head of the pump, which is responsible for directing the flow of the fluid being pumped. This structure can impact the efficiency, performance, and longevity of the pump.

2.The bracket structure of the slurry pump

The bracket structure of a slurry pump refers to the framework or support system that holds the pump in place. It provides stability and helps to reduce vibrations during operation. The design of the bracket structure can impact the performance and lifespan of the pump, as well as ease of maintenance.

3.Shaft seal form of slurry pump

The shaft seal form of a slurry pump refers to the method used to prevent the leakage of fluid along the shaft of the pump. This is important to maintain the proper operation of the pump and to prevent contamination of the fluid being pumped. Common shaft seal forms in slurry pumps include mechanical seals, gland packing, and expeller seals. The choice of shaft seal form depends on factors such as the type of fluid being pumped, operating conditions, and desired level of leakage protection.

Shaft seal water volume and pressure:

Shaft seal water volume and pressure refer to the amount of water and the pressure used to cool and lubricate the shaft seal in a pump. The purpose of using water in the shaft seal is to maintain the proper operating temperature of the seal and prevent it from wearing out too quickly. The water volume and pressure required for a shaft seal will depend on factors such as the type of seal being used, the fluid being pumped, the operating conditions, and the design of the pump. It's important to maintain the correct water volume and pressure to ensure the proper operation and longevity of the shaft seal.

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