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Benefits and Variations of Horizontal End Suction Pumps: Centrifugal and Chemical Pumps Compared

Exploring the Benefits and Variations of Horizontal End Suction Pumps: Centrifugal and Chemical Pumps Compared

Horizontal end suction pumps are a type of centrifugal pump that are widely used in various applications, including chemical transfers, water treatment, industrial processes, and more. In this blog, we will discuss what horizontal end suction pump is, their types, and which type is better for different applications.

What is Horizontal End Suction Pump?

A horizontal end-suction pump is a type of centrifugal pump that transfers fluids horizontally with an impeller mounted on the end of a shaft that rotates on bearings inside the pump housing. The fluid flows into the end of the pump where the impeller, which is pressed against the end of the radial bearing and pumps the fluid. The advantage of horizontal pumps over vertical pumps is their compact design, which requires less space for installation and reduces the need for additional piping and fittings.

Horizontal End Suction Centrifugal Pump

A horizontal end suction centrifugal pump is considered the most common type of centrifugal pump. Its unique design allows the pump to be used in numerous applications, including water supply, cooling systems, high-pressure washes, and more. Horizontal end suction centrifugal pumps are reliable and require very little maintenance.

Horizontal End Suction Chemical Pump

Horizontal end suction chemical pumps, on the other hand, are used for transferring fluids in the chemical and petrochemical industry. They are designed to handle hazardous and corrosive chemicals efficiently, ensuring safe and reliable operation. These pumps are made of materials that can resist erosion and corrosion, making them ideal for handling various chemicals.

Which is Better: Horizontal or Vertical Pump?

The choice between horizontal and vertical pumps depends on the application. Generally, vertical pumps are preferred in applications with limited floor space, while horizontal pumps are preferred when the installation space is not a limitation. The choice comes down to the orientation of the shaft, the size of the pump, the type of fluid being transferred, and the pressure and volume requirements of the application.


Horizontal end suction pumps are a dependable and suitable choice for various applications due to their ease of installation, low maintenance, compact design, and reliability. Both horizontal end suction centrifugal and chemical pumps offer unique benefits for different applications. It is essential to consult a reliable pump supplier like AllPumps to guide you on the right type of horizontal end suction pump based on your application requirements.

Additionally, proper maintenance is necessary to keep the pumps in good working condition and prolong their lifespan. At industrial pumps company AllPumps, we offer a range of services, including pump repair, maintenance, and spare parts to ensure optimal pump performance. Contact us today for your horizontal end suction pump needs.