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Proper Use and Maintenance of Slurry Pump

The test run of Slurry pumps should meet the following requirements.

1, the drive motor steering should be the same as the pump steering;.

2, each fixed connection parts should be no loose, each lubrication parts filled with lubricant specifications and quantity should be in line with the provisions of the equipment technical file;.

3, pre-lubrication requirements of the parts should be pre-lubricated in accordance with the provisions.

4, the indicator instruments, safety protection devices should be sensitive, accurate and reliable.

5, the pan should be flexible, no abnormalities.

6, high-temperature pumps in the test run before the pump body should be preheated, the temperature should rise evenly, the temperature rise per hour should not be greater than 500%; slurry pumps pump body surface and the temperature difference between the process pipeline with working medium inlet should not be greater than 400 ℃.

7, set up the connection device to eliminate the influence of temperature rise, set up a bypass connection device to provide cooling water.

The Slurry pumps parts maintenance methods

1, the pump casing is usually cast iron, vulnerable to mechanical stress or thermal stress, not easy to rupture. When the slurry pump freezes during operation due to cavitation or does not release the water in the pump casing in winter, it is also easy to rupture. If the damage is too big to repair, please replace the pump casing with a new one.

2、slurry pumps pump shaft is usually made of carbon steel, but it is easy to be damaged due to manufacturing quality, use or installation. The pump shaft may have cracks, bends, journal wear, thread damage and fracture accidents. In case of serious damage, please do not replace the shaft.

3、The impeller of mineral processing slurry pumps is an important working part and is made of cast iron. Due to the manufacturing quality and usage, it is also easy to be damaged. The impeller may have cracks, due to cavitation, the surface of the impeller may have dents or perforations, and the vane will become thin or long time eccentric wear, or even damaged by debris, some defects can be repaired, certain defects can not be repaired, that is, the impeller should be replaced with a new one.

4, sliding bearing bearing bush made of copper-tin alloy, wear resistance is poor, is easy to wear one of the combustible parts. Usually, bearing bushings can be repaired or replaced with new bushings. slurry pumps rolling bearings have an average service life of 5000 hours. However, they are easily worn or damaged due to improper installation, long service life or poor maintenance. In addition to the various parts of the rolling bearing can be replaced with new parts, it is usually necessary to replace the entire part.

5, mouth ring is also known as the ring to reduce leakage or reduce wear. It is one of the parts that are easy to wear. Wear can be repaired or replaced with a new one. After replacing the new leak reduction ring, its inner diameter should be configured according to the outer diameter of the impeller inlet. If the outer diameter of the impeller inlet is worn, it can be rotated to eliminate the groove marks and oval shape, and then a leak-proof ring with a reduced inner diameter can be constructed.

6、When using packing gaskets, the packing will harden and lose elasticity over time, which will cause the slurry pumps to leak air and water. Usually, a new packing should be used to replace the packing.

7、The oil seal of mineral processing slurry pumps is made of rubber, which is easily worn and aged, and usually needs to be replaced with new parts.