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Use Of Submersible Pumps And Matters Needing Attention

Submersible pump is a widely used series of pumps. Whether in industry or life, the use of submersible pumps are very wide and high frequency. Submersible pump use when there are many matters needing attention, so how should the submersible pumps be used correctly? Submersible pump failure, mostly because of improper use, resulting in motor burn. The procedure and precautions are as follows:

Steps Of Making Submersible Pumps

1, Stainless steel submersible pump or cast iron submersible pump before launching, to first test run inspection. Under the condition of no water, the test run time shall not exceed 30 seconds. Because the submersible pump motor is water cooled, so in the pumping process, if the water level continues to drop, we must pay attention to not let the whole motor part above the water surface to work.

2, Diving sewage pump can not be started immediately after the shutdown, must wait for the water in the pipe to return to the end of the start. If the water can not be discharged after starting, it should be stopped immediately to find out the reason and be excluded.

3, Before the purchase of submersible pump, should be the actual use of the working condition described clearly, matching the appropriate model, if the model is not right, leading to work beyond the effective head range, the motor will overload and cause the current is large, long time running will burn machine.

4, When the submersible pump is put into the water or put forward the water surface, the rope must be pulled and the cable must not be pulled. In case of handling, disassembly or maintenance, the power supply should be cut off first.

5, Submersible sewage pump diving depth is generally 0.5-10 meters, submersible pump in the water, should be vertically lifted. Submersible pump diving into the water should be careful not to let the base and inlet into the mud.

6, Submersible pump should not be frequently started, should not be used for drainage and irrigation with higher sand content of water or mud water.

7, After starting the machine, if the impeller reverses (at this time, the water output is greatly reduced or no water), it should be stopped immediately, replace any two phases of the three-phase core wire in the cable, so that the water is positive (and check whether the impeller is loose).

8, Submersible pump can be controlled by pump control cabinet. Three - phase knife switch can also be used, provided it is equipped with a 6 - amp fuse.

Matters Needing Attention Of Submersible Pumps

1, Precautions during operation: When starting the submersible pump, it should rotate smoothly, without vibration and abnormal sound. After the main circuit of the motor is energized, if it is found that the motor does not rotate, it should be stopped immediately to prevent the motor from being stuck for a long time and burned. Pay attention to the submersible pump put into operation after the first installation or maintenance, the test machine can only be started on the spot, so as to observe, if found abnormal submersible pump, should immediately stop, check the rotation direction is correct, installation is appropriate, find the reason to eliminate the fault before the operation. Submersible pump operation, can not be dehydrated operation, so the pool or water well should be put into the liquid level switch connected control cabinet, according to the level of automatic control submersible pump start and stop.

2, The environment and other matters needing attention: when the submersible pump is put into the water or put forward the water surface, do not pull the cable, otherwise the cable is easy to damage and lead to water leakage and burning machine. Submersible pump can not pump discharge sewage or sand content is greater than 30% of the water, especially the use of mechanical seal submersible pump should pay attention to this point. Submersible pump power supply should be selected according to the provisions, the distance between the power supply and the pump should not be too far, the voltage should be within ± 10% of the normal value, and a 1M iron bar is buried in the power supply or the pump as the ground wire, to ensure safety. The power supply must be grounded and reliable, and the leakage protector should be installed.