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What Is DIN24255 End Suction Pump?

The DIN24255 end suction pump is the most common type of centrifugal pump with Overhung and Back Pull Out Design. They are single-stage, single-suction construction and the most cost-effective type of centrifugal pump. Manufacturers can provide different structural materials, sizes and application designs for water-containing, mortar high-pressure and high-temperature viscous oils, and corrosive chemicals according to different operating conditions. An end suction pump usually consists of an impeller and a pump body. Single-suction pumps work as the pumped liquid moves along the vanes, then the liquid begins to enter the volute, where a diffusion process occurs that converts high speed to high pressure.

Most of the end suction pumps are driven by AC motors, and a few can also be driven by DC motors. Other means of drive include hydraulic motors, diesel engines, steam turbines and gasoline engines.