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What Is KCB Series Gear Oil Pump?

All Pumps Machinery provides KCB Series Gear Oil Pump is a horizontal rotary pump, which consists of pump body, gear, bearing seat, safety valve, bearing and sealing device. The gear pump body and bearing seat are made of cast iron. Gears can be made of bronze or stainless steel according to customer requirements.

It is suitable for conveying various lubricating fluids whose temperature is not higher than 70℃. If the temperature reaches 200℃, it will be matched with high temperature resistant materials. Its viscosity is 5*10-5~15*10-3m2/s.

Gear pumps are not suitable for conveying corrosive or hard particles or fibers, high volatility or low flash point liquids such as gasoline, benzene. (The pump adopts copper gear to transport gasoline, and the stainless-steel pump can transport ordinary corrosive liquid).

Working Principle

KCB Series Gear Oil Pump Working Principle