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Why Do Self-Priming Pumps Need to be Equipped with Imported Vacuum Pumps?

Self-priming pump has the following characteristics:

  • Strong sewage discharge capacity: Special impeller anti-clogging design ensures efficient and non-clogging pumping.

  • Efficient energy saving: Adopting excellent hydraulic model, the efficiency is 3% to 5% higher than that of general self-priming pumps.

  • Good self-priming performance: The self-priming height is 1 meter higher than that of general self-priming pumps, and the self-priming time is shorter.

Normally, it is not necessary to match the imported vacuum pump when using self-priming pump, so when does the pump need to be equipped with a vacuum pump?

Vacuum pump is used to extract gas from the container, while self-priming pump can suck liquid from the lower part when there is no liquid in the suction pipe. Their functions and principles are different.

The main purpose of matching a vacuum pump with a self-priming pump is to quickly suck up water. For example, when the current self-priming pump is used on urban flood control emergency pump trucks, it is necessary to use a vacuum pump. This is because the outlet pipes of most flood control emergency pump trucks use fire hoses, and because fire hoses are flat when they are just spread out, this situation will further increase the time for the self-priming pump to exhaust the air from the suction pipe during the self-priming process. Since the self-priming pump exhausts mainly through the pump outlet and it is difficult for the air to be discharged through the fire hose, the earliest flood control emergency pump trucks adopted the design of self-priming pump with a rotary vane vacuum pump in order to quickly suck up water.

The self-priming pump on the market is generally still equipped with a water ring vacuum pump, which is a relatively outdated design scheme. The main drawback is that the operation is more cumbersome, and the water ring vacuum pump must be equipped with a water-filled water tank to supply water circulation to achieve the vacuum pumping effect.

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