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Overheating of Electric Motor for Slurry Pump Matching

Slurry pump power supply reasons:

  • The voltage of the slurry pump is too high or too low. When the voltage changes outside the range of +10% to -5% of the rated value under specific load, the motor will overheat.

  • The three-phase voltage of the power supply is asymmetrical, and the degree of unbalance of the three-phase voltage exceeds 5%, which will cause the winding to overheat.

  • Running with a phase missing. It has been proven by experience that more than 85% of burnt agricultural electric motors are caused by running with a phase missing, so a phase protection device should be installed for the motor.

Slurry pump reasons related to water pumps:

  • Mismatched power leads to overloading the motor for a long time, resulting in excessive temperature of the motor;

  • The motor with frequent startup, short-term rating or intermittent working system works continuously. The number of startups should be limited, and thermal protection should be correctly selected, and it should be used according to the rating marked on the motor.

Reasons related to the slurry pump motor itself:

  • The wiring is wrong, and Δ is mistakenly connected as Y, which will cause the temperature of the motor to rise rapidly;

  • The stator winding has phase-to-phase short-circuits, inter-turn short-circuits, or local grounding. In mild cases, the motor will be locally overheated, and in severe cases, the insulation will be burned out;

  • The squirrel-caged rotor has broken bars or defects, and the temperature of the iron core will rise rapidly after the motor runs for 1-2 hours;

  • The ventilation system has malfunctioned. Check whether the fan is damaged, whether the rotation direction is correct, and whether the ventilation duct of the Slurry Pump is blocked;

  • The bearing is worn out, and the eccentric rotor sweeps the throat. The fixed and rotor iron cores rub against each other, producing a metal impact sound, and the temperature of the iron core will rise rapidly. In severe cases, the motor will smoke or even the coil will burn out.

Reasons related to the working environment of the slurry pump:

  • Moisture or dust, oil stains, and other attached substances on the winding of the motor will cause the insulation ability to decrease. Measure the insulation resistance of the motor and clean and dry it;

  • The ambient temperature is too high. When the ambient temperature exceeds 35℃, the high intake temperature will cause the temperature of the motor to be too high, and measures should be taken to improve its working environment, such as setting up a canopy to shade it.

Note: If a failure occurs due to electrical reasons, professional electricians with qualification certificates should be consulted for maintenance. Do not blindly repair it without sufficient knowledge to avoid accidents.

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