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Why doesn't the industrial slurry pump discharge or discharge smoothly during operation?

Failures with discharging or insufficient material flow are common problems in industries that use slurry pumps. These issues can arise after the initial setup or maintenance of the pump and are often linked to pump selection or replacement of spare parts. The main causes of sudden discharge failure during normal operation include blockages in the pump inlet or outlet, as well as cavitation or significant wear in the flow parts.

Slurry pumps often contain solid particles with large diameters that can cause blockages in the impeller or inlet/outlet pipes. Additionally, the slurry's tendency to solidify and scar can also contribute to blockages. These blockages will prevent the slurry from obtaining the energy transferred by the impeller, leading to abnormal noises in the pump chamber and a noticeable decrease in the motor current.

Cavitation can also occur in slurry pumps due to impeller or inlet blockages, which will further hinder the pump's output and lead to noise and severe vibration. The pump's overall performance will decline, and the motor current will fluctuate significantly. Lastly, the gradual wear of the flow parts in the slurry pump can cause long-term discharge failure, resulting in stable but low motor current.

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